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The Boy's Club

I just took a walk through Gawker's new "divide-and-conquer" strategy of multiple sites, each focusing on a topic or sub-topic.

And what I discovered was a lot of articles that skewed very...male. I mean, not just male. But a specific kind. Heterosexual, mid-20s or so, not necessarily white but certainly interested in topics that seem to be favored by white, twenty-something, urban, college-educated men. And then I started looking at editor names.


Weiner-fest in the house, y'all.

Then I remembered a photo some commenter put up on a Jezebel post about a week ago, showing the Gawker staff. White, mad-white. And all-male.


What the fuck?

I decided that Nick Denton was not trying for Huffington Post anymore. His new role model was Esquire or GQ. But without all that fashion stuff. Nope. Just sports, cars, and wondering how to change a tire properly or what to stock in one's home bar. Or, rather, one's clubhouse.

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